to the hub of Home Birth Canterbury. Home Birth Canterbury exists to promote, support and protect the choice to birth at home.
We have everything you need if you're planning a home birth. A midwife directory, birth pool hire, home birth stories, events, support and beautiful home birth hampers

Holding Tummy


Our Roots

Home Birth Canterbury was formed 1976 and is a voluntary organisation that promotes and supports home birth as an alternative to hospital birth. The Association provides support and encouragement to those contemplating home birth and also supports midwives offering home birth in Canterbury.

What we do

We offer an array of different aspects to support home birth

Birth Stories

Sharing beautiful and intimate birth stories from our fellow home birth families


Home Birth Hampers come in a beautiful biodegradable ipu whenua, and are filled with wonderful goodies

Birth Pool Hire

The Association has two birth pools and pumps, which families are able to hire to add to your birth experience

Midwife Directory

Home Birth Canterbury is providing this information to assist women looking for a midwife that offers home birth


"My husband and I had the space to welcome our wee girl,  uniterrupted. My midwife team were my cheerleaders in the background"

For informative posts, empowering stories and notifications to events

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