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Welcome to Home Birth Canterbury

Supporting the Choice to Birth at Home


About Us

Our Roots

Home Birth Canterbury was formed 1976 and is a voluntary organisation that promotes and supports home birth as an alternative to hospital birth. The Association provides support and encouragement to those contemplating home birth and also supports midwives offering home birth in Canterbury


Our Services

Midwife Directory
Birth Pool Hire
Home Birth Stories
Home Birth Hampers

Our midwife directory connects you with experienced midwives who are passionate about home birth. They will work with you to provide personalized care throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

We offer two different birth pools and pumps, providing you with a comfortable and relaxing environment for your home birth.

Our home birth stories provide inspiration and insight into the home birth experience. Read about the journeys of other women who have chosen to birth at home.

Home Birth Hampers come in a beautiful biodegradable ipu whenua, and are filled with wonderful goodie

My Husband and I had the space to welcome our wee girl, uninterrupted. My midwife team were my cheerleaders in the background
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