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Home Birth Canterbury is providing this information to assist women looking for a midwife that offers home birth. 

The midwifery groups and individual midwives listed on this page are current members of Home Birth Canterbury. However the Association does not provide any endorsement of midwives by being listed on this page.

Listings are in alphabetical order.

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Birth Journey Midwives

Birth Journey Midwives is a collective of dedicated midwifery professionals with shared values of partnership, commitment and aroha. Partnership is a key concept in our practice; it is based on a relationship of trust, mutual decision making and responsibility, negotiation and shared understanding. We work in partnership with you and your family/whānau to provide continuity of midwifery care throughout your maternity experience. 

We share a commitment to women and their families/whānau and the midwifery profession to provide current, evidence-based midwifery care, which forms our practice for safe and satisfying outcomes.

Aroha encompasses the ‘breath of life’ and seeks to bring out the best in people. Birth Journey Midwives share a generosity of spirit and see each person as an individual who brings their own set of beliefs, values and culture to the midwifery partnership.


Ange Hewitt

027 514 2828

Birth Rite Midwives


Kate Nicoll

027 293 3776

Garden City Midwives


Sylvia Stewart

021 181 0478


Molly Jakovickas

021 220 0367


Debbie Lyth

027 373 8244

Home Birth Midwives Christchurch

We are a midwifery practice, working with women and their families in the Christchurch region who are planning to birth at home. We provide care to meet each family’s individual needs. We have a strongly aligned philosophy

based on the belief that birthing at home increases the potential for a normal birth.

We consider that birth is a social event, not medical, and that birth belongs within a family context, whatever constitutes family for the individuals involved. Birthing at home keeps the woman and her family at the centre of care.


Violet Clapham

021 393 439


Gwen Glazzard
021 022 15006

Laura Wilkinson 

021 125 7654


Home and Water Birth Midwives

We feel that every woman and family should be able to experience the birth of their child in a safe and loving environment; wherever that may be for them. We provide your family with holistic, individualized care, backed by theoretical knowledge, clinical skills, and an inherent trust in the birthing process. Working in partnership with women helps protect the normal process of birth. We value your knowledge of your body. We believe homebirth is a safe and beautiful way to birth and we have over 40 years combined experience attending homebirths. It is an honour and privilege to participate with women and their families in the powerful journey through pregnancy and birth


Rachel Davies

027 283 2844


Heff Heffernan

022 061 6053


Joanne Gordon

027 507 6000

Ōtautahi Midwives

We are a practice of midwives who work with women throughout pregnancy, birth and when your baby is newly born. Ōtautahi Midwives believe in the natural ability of each unique woman to birth and mother her baby. We strive to provide care in a respectful and trusting nature in order to effectively support women in their journey.


Molly Fryer 


Rata Midwives

We at Rata Midwives believe that birth is a normal life event! We follow the evidence about where the best place to birth is, that is how we keep women, babies and ourselves safe.  We provide full continuity of care, working with you from early pregnancy up to 6 weeks after your baby is born. We all care for small caseloads, ensuring we are working safely and providing you with quality care, it’s more fun that way.

Rata Midwives are a team, sharing our knowledge and experience in weekly meetings and with multiple daily communications. Finally, we are all deeply engaged with what we do – we at Rata hold our profession in high esteem and work with our professional body, The NZ College of Midwives, as representatives on various internal and external organisations. We feel a strong safe midwifery profession is absolutely essential for women to receive safe rewarding midwifery care.


Jo Ryde


Sheena Ross

027 383 8006


Jo Wihongi 



Jackie Coursey

021 150 6654


Hayley Gimblett

027 460 5097


Danielle Gibbs

027 849 5268

Heidi Goebbels
021 335 750  

Kirsten Read
027 337 3913

Rural Delivery Midwives

We provide midwifery care to both urban and rural families. Rural delivery Midwives encompass the full scope of maternity care from conception up to six weeks after birth. Our aim is to facilitate normal and safe childbirth in a woman-centered manner providing birth care options at home, Rangiora Maternity Hospital and Christchurch Women’s Hospital.


Sharon Lindley

021 247 2809


Clare Lyell

021 110 9657

Your Choice Midwives

We believe strongly in the power of the woman to give birth safely and naturally in the environment of her choice. Our midwifery practice offers a complete pregnancy, birth and after-care service centered to the woman’s individual needs. Each woman is cared for by her Lead Maternity Carer (midwife) and back - up midwife. This enables trusting relationships to develop and ensures continuity of care.


Bex Tidball  

021 134 7982


Becky Bangma

021 062 7600


Catherine Rietveld

027 228 6747


Tanya Sands

021 205 9169