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Takeaway pizza

Harper Olive 30/09/2017 – 7.15pm – 7lb 15oz Everyone always told me ‘your first always takes a bit longer’. So, I thought we would have plenty of time to get to the birthing unit once my waters broke. Little did I know, Harper had other plans.... When my partner and I met with our midwife, Mel, we were so glad we found someone with the same views as us. We wanted to take the approach that we would just roll with it and not read too much about what to expect. We figured it wouldn’t matter whether we did or didn’t read the baby books or go to the antenatal classes as at the end of the day, bubs was still coming and we would have to learn how to do things one way or another. I had heard a few

Blended family

My story begins in September 2013. The 28th of September to be exact, when I met the man of my dreams. I had 3 beautiful children from 2 failed relationships and was busy planning a future that involved buying many, many cats, when into my life swanned a magnificent, kind and glorious man. I hadn’t anticipated finding love again, and I certainly hadn’t anticipated that I'd fall in love with a man who also already had a child. We married two years ago, and became a blended family of 6. About a year ago, Hubby and I started talking vasectomies. It seemed like the right time. We had been married a year and felt right with our big blended family. It would be the responsible thing to do. We talke

A daughter

I was convinced this baby would arrive early, so once I hit 40 weeks, we were starting to get impatient. 9 months of pregnancy seemed liked a lifetime and Paddy and I wanted to meet our baby! Luckily my body had it all under control and at 4am on Wednesday 15th July, 2015 I woke to what I suspected might have been my first contraction. I had been having a lot of ‘activity’ most nights for the last week, so I desperately tried to not read too much into it or get too excited. It was probably just more of the same right? I managed to get back to sleep, but was woken again at 5am by another, stronger contraction. After that, sleep was not forthcoming. I lay in bed for a while and breathed, visua

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