About Us

Home Birth Canterbury Association

Home Birth Canterbury, in existence since 1976, is a voluntary organisation that promotes and supports home birth as an alternative to hospital birth. The Association provides support and encouragement to those contemplating home birth and also supports midwives offering home birth in Canterbury.

The backgrounds of our members reflect the diversity of women who choose home birth. Our own personal birth experiences have led us to work together to promote home as a safe and loving environment in which to birth.

The maternity environment in New Zealand has not always been so accepting of birth at home. Our Association, together with other home birth groups in New Zealand, are members of Home Birth Aotearoa which helps protect the right to birth at home through political lobbying.

We work with the Home Birth Antenatal Classes Trust which runs antenatal classes with a focus on giving skills and information to help women birth at home. We also run monthly Home birth Information Evenings for those who want to learn more.

We also produce a regular free newsletter, which features members’ birth stories and a range of original and relevant articles on parenting and birth choices.  You can also share ideas and information on our Facebook Community.

Throughout New Zealand, homebirth associations are sustained by women committed to promoting natural childbirth. If you treasure your home birthing experience and the midwifery care that made it possible, then consider joining with like-minded people to protect and promote home birth. Our Association meetings are held once a month, on the second Monday of each month. For details please check our Facebook Events.